Dog Training Services

Smart training for dogs and their owners!

Whether you have just brought a new pup into your family and want to get them off to a proper start or you have concerns about behavior problems with your adult dog, Aleron Dog Training can help! Training is focused on teaching your dog self control and developing a great relationship between dog and owner. What make us different?

  • Training for all ages and all needs!
  • Unique, highly effective streamlined curriculum.
  • Start at any time and progress at your own rate – never worry about missing a class!
  • Easy, flexible & effective training methods for the whole family.
  • Small classes ensure you get help from the instructor when needed.
  • Practical obedience training for real life with your dog!
  • Training for agility, rally and competition obedience
  • Training materials and online support included with all programs.

With over 20 years of experience, Aleron Dog Training offers the following classes:

STAR Puppy Class: Did you know most problem behaviors that owners struggle with could have been prevented with early puppy training? To prepare you and your puppy for a lifetime together, these lessons cover housetraining, basic obedience training and problem solving. Attend until your puppy has the skills required for the AKC STAR Puppy Test (at least 6 session, testing included in class fee). Classes are held at The Pet Hydrant in Columbiana, Ohio.

Canine Good Citizen: Practical obedience skills for every dog and owner! This class covers training the four most important things you can teach your dog – positions, leash skills, come when calls and impulse/self control.You will also train your dog to be confident and controlled around people, dogs, crowds, noises and other distractions. Attend until your dog has the skills needed to pass an AKC Canine Good Citizen Test or purchase a pass for a set number of lessons. Classes are held at The Pet Hydrant in Columbiana, Ohio.

Community Canine (Advanced Canine Good Citizen): For owners who want a bit more or who wish to continue their dog’s education, Community Canine builds on the reliblity of the “Big 4 behaviors” and social training from the Canine Good Citizen class, ensuring your dog can respond on and off leash…even with unpredictable, real life distractions! Attend until your dog has the skills needed to pass an AKC Community Canine Test or purchase a pass for a set number of lessons. Classes held at The Pet Hydrant in Columbiana, Ohio.

Agility: For fun or competition, basic through advanced agility training. No previous experience needed to start! Teach your dog confidence and enthusiasm on obstacles, learn to be clear in your handling cues and develop a great relationship with your dog. Performance dog problem solving is my specialty – I love working with owners to figure out how they can get their dog to be all that they can be! Classes are held at The Southern Park Stables in Boardman, Ohio.

Rally and Competition Obedience Skillbuilding: In this class, you will learn the basic skills you and your dog need to compete in the entry to intermediate level of rally or competition obedience while building a solid foundation for more advanced work. Class will cover heeling, positions, stays, fronts, finishes and proofing. You and your dog will become a happy, confident team for a future in the competition ring…or just for something fun to do with your dog!

Aleron Dog Training lessons are designed for owners and dogs to progress at their own rate. Options include signing up for a set number of lessons or a set level of training. Your “graduation” from each level is not based on an individual curriculum or set number of classes but on a widely accepted standard form of testing your dog’s progress. This ensures the highest quality of training available to pet owners for their companion dogs.