Community Canine

Smart training for dogs and their people!

For owners who want a bit more or who wish to continue their dog’s education, Community Canine covers  on and off leash training along with advanced “proofing”. Proofing is a dog trainer term for ensuring your dog responds to cues whenever and wherever you need them to, even with distractions!

These lessons will build on the Canine Good Citizen Lessons and include:

  • Positions: Practical use and proofing of sit, down and stay
  • Stay: Sit, Down and/or Stand Stay with distraction, distance and duration
  • Leash Manners…Anywhere, Any Time!
  • Come When Called: Proofing with Distractions for real world scenarios
  • Developing Off Leash Reliability
  • Problem Solving

These lessons include the AKC Community Canine Test.