Agility classes are Open Enrollment, advance at your own pace. This means you can start at any time and if you must miss a class, you won’t have to worry about falling behind. No experience necessary to start! Dogs must be able to safely work around people and other dogs.

Introduction/Beginner Class: For dogs with no experience or who have previously done agility but are not yet confident on all equipment and/or who are not yet able to run sequences off leash. Class will obstacle work for a safe and confident performance, the basics of handling cues for dogs and their handlers, sequencing (perfoming short course elements) and skills such as tight turns, distance work, reliable contact behavior, start line stays and more!

Open Agility Play: For dogs who can perform obstacles and run sequences/courses, this class will help sharpen your skills. Each week we will focus on developing and strengthening a certain skill such as speed (either getting it…or getting it under control!), distance, independent obstacle performance, discrimination or games skills. This is also where we can work on problem solving – I love helping performance dogs be all they can be!

2015 Class Passes and Times:

4 lessons: $65

8 lessons: $119

Season Pass: Join by June 1st for lessons all summer, weather permitting for just $199
Add a second household dog to any pass for 1/2 price.

Class fees are waived for current members of any Mahoning County 4-H Dog Club.

Introduction/Beginner Classes are Monday 6:00pm

Open Play Classes are Monday at 7:10pm

Classes are held outdoors in a fenced area at The Southern Park Stables in Boardman, Ohio. If weather does not permit outdoor training, classes may be cancelled or moved to an indoor location.