About Aleron

I have been working with dogs since 1992 and have a strong background of experience in “all things dogs” which includes training and competing with my dogs in obedience, agility, flyball, rally obedience and conformation. I began teaching teaching group classes and private lessons for competition and pet training in 1999. In addition to training I have many years of experience with grooming, nutrition and holistic health care, breeding, puppy testing, temperament testing, rescue work, in-shelter behavhior consulting and doggy daycare. I also am in my 15th year of volunteering to teach youth ages 5-18 to train their dogs through a 4-H dog training club called Mahoning Pampered Pups.

My approach to dog training, whether for pet manners, competition dogs or behavior modification is to give owners a practical, relationship based approach to helping their dog be the best they can be. I truly enjoy problem solving for everything from fear to reactivity to lack of attention to performance dog problems. And of course, working with puppies to ensure a great foundation and prevent future problems before they start.

I live in Boardman, Ohio with my husband Jeff and his Cardigan Welsh Corgi, my Belgian Shepherds and my Pyrenean Shepherd. My current dog activities include training and competing in Flyball, agility, competition obedience and conformation as well as hiking with Jeff and multiple dogs, exploring the beautiful (and dog friendly) Mill Creek Park and participating in community dog events. Be sure to visit the section Our Dogs to meet the pack!

-Nikki Puccini, Aleron Dog Training